It’s Raining Again

At least is was on January 13 when I started writing this. I have never seen anything quite like this in my east-coast US life. There just isn’t snow here in our winter this year.

But you know what? If ever there was to be a year of warmer climes, this year would get my vote. With food and gas and fuel prices soaring, it’s kinda a gift to not have storms constantly blowing.

I did, however, take steps that might change the weather game in a Murphy’s Law sort of way. The slopes were getting so rocky and icy I was starting to get some gouges in my lovely snowboard. On my last trip to our former house, I picked up my rock board (the old board that is so decrepit that it won’t matter if it runs over rocks on the trail).

Sure enough, we got three inches of white stuff the day I brought that to MA. And another three today. And two storms predicted for next week. lol

So I’m thankful for the break in people’s bills a bit this year, but I’m also thankful that we’re seeing some powder. This year is just the craziest.

5 responses to “It’s Raining Again”

  1. We have no snow here either. The parks that don’t produce artificial snow did not open yet. Same in part of Europe.

    But Murphy Law never fails hahaha

  2. Wow, that is not a lot of snow. I assume that’s mostly man made. Well, I will be prating that you get tons of new snow, right on your lovely slopes (and none in my neck of the woods😂). Hoping for an early start to the outdoor cycling season. 😎

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