Sharing “Resuscitating Canaries”

close up shot of a yellow canary

This past weekend I was going to blog. I even know what I’m writing about. But as I was going through my Reader, I found a thought-provoking post I really wanted to share. I clicked the Reblog button, but got distracted. Now I see it reblogged, but I have no idea to where.

Due to my job, I’m an admin on more blogs than I care to count so who knows where it ended up? Quite the mystery. Anyway, it’s still worth the share. Here’s the reblog. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it… (no need to comment here — I’ll check there for thoughts, too). Starting with the first sentence here then linking so you can enjoy the entire post:

There are a couple of processes at work that I think of as canaries. They are the first things that start to slip when I (or a teammate) is no longer working at their best.

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