Super Wise?

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In the very early 2000s I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I remember it clearly since we had to drive about 90 minutes each way to get it done. My kids had earned some free pizza from a reading program they were part of so we decided to hit Pizza Hut on the way home. After I stopped and threw up (with great class) on the side of the road.

A couple of days later I was hurting. I broke my own taboo and asked my dentist what might be wrong during Sunday school time at church. Generally I don’t talk work with people at church. But I was desperate. I wondered it if was dry socket, but was told by the dentist’s spouse I would not be out and about if that were the case — too painful. If I had it, in their opinion, I’d be curled in bed in agony.

Found out at my next appt that I did have dry socket — in three of the four extractions. Bet it happened from throwing up.

All that to say, I have a VERY distinctive memory of that time of life. It was good to get behind me. Except, unbeknownst to me, the story was still being written.

Apparently, I’m one of the lower percentages of society that managed to grow two more wisdom teeth. Got that great news about eight years ago. They even have a super fancy name for getting the extra teeth. They are called “supernumerary” teeth. And now one of my supers is being problematic. **sigh.**

So this spring I get the joy of having one of the two removed.

I was thinking that perhaps this meant I was a bit wiser? But my research actually showed me that increasingly people do not have wisdom teeth at all. And some only have one or two. The theory is that they are no longer necessary due to our non-Neanderthal diets and since it gives our brains more space to grow. Oops. Hopefully my brain expansion is not thwarted by my extra pearls back there.

When people do have extra wisdom teeth, they tend to get another full set. Eight in total. Not sure how I ended up with six. Dare to be different… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The outpatient surgery could happen as early as next month. I figured with my luck that would be the same date as an amazing snowstorm (which we are really lacking this year) so I bumped it to a time after the snow melts.

I think that might have been a wise decision.

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  1. I always knew you were super… but I still didn’t expect that!!! Good luck (and maybe skip Pizza Hut this time 😉)

  2. Oh yuck! We had the Pizza Hut book it buttons and they’d get a star then a free pizza. We ate a lot of Pizza Hut those years! But luckily I have a “very big mouth” per dentist and my wisdom teeth ar not a problem. Sorry, guess you got mine!

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