New Stage of Life

life is now neon signage

When I was in college, I was given ads encouraging me to get a credit card. Then I was offered all sorts of bells and whistles to enhance my marriage. Next came the coupons for baby gear. Soon after, it was all about optimizing my career — then retirement incentives. It appears I have now leveled up. I’m on to a new stage of ad. Ack!!! Life is too short.

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    • I’m all for whatever is cheapest :). Already told our kids that if I died overseas, they should just leave my body there. I know where my soul will be, and the body doesn’t matter to me.

      • I always wanted an eco one. They put you in a shallow grave and give your loved ones the gps coordinates. There is no reference to you being there. It is a field full of trees.

      • I have not heard of that option before. Sounds beautiful.

  1. Immediately after your post was an ad on my phone for dementia prevention. There on to us. That’s the way the cookies crumble now.

    • So frustrating. Try clearing your phone and browser cache then start typing youthful things? 😀

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