Wedding Veils and Cross-Stitch

IMG_7641Mor Mor made us this cross-stitch when we were married. I love keeping it by my wedding veil, and I’m so thankful for my husband and for the time my grandma put into making us this beautiful gift.

As for the veil, I appreciate that as well. I wanted a hat for my wedding, and the ladies at the shop heard that. This valued item was in their back room, and when they saw me in my wedding dress and learned I wanted a hat veil, they pulled it out and offered it to me. A riding hat from the 1800s that they valued. I have always appreciated their sharing it with me. It means a lot, and it’s treasured.

**For the month of November each year, I try to focus on something I’m thankful for each day. It is the month that holds Thanksgiving where I live, after all. Focusing on the positive and remembering the little things that make life great is something I should do more often. If you want to see some blogs I’m thankful for, check out my main site, Word Quilt.

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