Valentine’s Fortunes

Soooo. It was our Valentine’s celebration, and we were at the local Chinese food restaurant. It came time to read our fortunes, and Mom cracked her cookie open.


I so wish you could have seen her face as the 86-year-old woman commented something like … Well, that’s not a good sign. Does that mean I won’t live long enough to warrant a fortune?

I’m not certain mine was any better:

Mistakes are the portals of discovery

Hope my loved ones are ready to back me up. Seems like I’m about to become very human…. Haha

We all know this is just simple fun and the real fortune we have is our love for each other (and may she live another healthy 86 years or more).

What I also know is this: Time is precious, and it was a treat spending the day celebrating with Mom and Chris.

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  1. I’ve gotten empty fortunes before and thought, “Oh dear!” Usually, though, Pete will get a fortune that says something like “lots of money coming your way shortly” while mine says something like “get to work right now if you want to eat.” Or vice versa — I’ll get the good one and Pete will get the one saying to shape up right now. LOL

  2. Nooooo! Not an empty fortune cookie!! BTW, it’s time now to tell you a fortune-cookie joke. One time I broke open a cookie, opened the little piece of paper from inside and read, “Now you know what a failed copywriter does for a living.”
    Okay, it’s a old joke, but… 😀 Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

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