Big little things can be so important in one’s life. For example, when Uncle John and Aunt Anne decided to pop in and visit us during their trip through the northeast, it seemed like a little enough thing for them. For us? It was a really big thing. To think that in their travels they would be willing to go out of their way to spend time us! Amazing.

This week the resort activity is a stunning contrast to their visit last spring. Presidents’ Week is always a busy one on the slopes. When we drove in Sunday evening, we squeaked into the last open space in our parking lot. People were all around, having fun.

Last night I knew they were relatively close after reading Aunt Anne’s blog post. And sure enough, I got a text that they were totally on target for a 9:30am arrival time. We had four hours together before they moved on in their journeys, and I have to tell you that time really flew. But every moment was savored.

We yakked about everything from a documentary on Washington to Lars’ show on Netflix, to train routes and typewriters. We caught up on family news, friend news and travel news.

Lunch found us in the restaurant in our building, looking over the slopes as we yakked some more.

Several times as we talked, Aunt Anne brought up some blogs she follows. We talked about good versus great writing and the stories that grab us. It was inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

Now they have seen our happy place in full action with skiers and boarders on the hill. Hopefully this summer we will get south to visit them in their life in the mountains. Love is a wonderful thing, indeed, and these are two extremely special people.

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  1. Visiting y’all was very, very special for us. We felt rejuvenated after spending quality time with you. Thank you very much for being available when we were coming through. Love you!!

  2. Oh nice nice! Chrissie, Anne, John, Chris, I feel like I know you from your blog posts! Lovely visit you had! ๐Ÿ˜€

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