Washroom Signs

One of the things I love most about traveling is learning how people do things differently from what I’m used to. This year I had a couple of interesting finds in washrooms.

Funny thing — I know at least two people who take pics of washrooms. Apparently it’s a things to note the different decor. I don’t generally do that, but these items stood out to me.

Phone holder in a washroom stall.

This image is from a washroom in St. Louis, Missouri. I found it when I was at WordCamp US in 2019. I’m used to glove holders in ski lodge washrooms, but a phone holder is a new one to me.

This was in a washroom in Panama City, Panama — at a steakhouse. I know many who are hesitant to touch machines and doorknobs after washing one’s hands. This ingenious design reminds us to use our elbows to get the paper out.

Have you had any fun washroom finds? Do tell…

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  1. When I was growing up my dads parents had a sign in their bathroom that said “this bathroom cost a lot of money, sure set us back a heap of dough, won’t you please pay as you go”. It had a slot for nickels. It was in their bathroom on their honeymoon and since they were building their house they thought it was hysterical and bought it from the owner of the hotel. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Thx for that memory.😘

  2. Your phone booth photo is awesome. In our recent travels, we didn’t see any elbow-activated machines. They are interesting.

    Several years ago we were traveling out west, and I was surprised to find the toilet seats were heated. I’m sure that was a wonderful thing in the winter, but I didn’t need it on a very hot summer day.

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