Wise Words From my Son

If you surprise your board, it’ll surprise you…

CJ Pollock

That was the response after some messaging with my kids about a fall I took on the trail yesterday. It was totally my fault. As I said to them – I was going fast toe-side and decided at the last minute to take another trail. The fall happened when I decided to go left suddenly. My board didn’t get the memo.

Must have dug in too much and tried to make the turn before I was ready. And this was the pic I shared with them.

I haven’t taken a spill like that in a few years. Literally knocked the wind out of me.

Today I knew I would be sore, but I didn’t realize quite how sore. Fortunately it’s a non-work day for me, and after completing household stuff, I am going to lay low for the rest of the day. Just computer stuff, reading and a hot tub soak for me. How first world am I?

Hudi and Mollie gave us a massager for Christmas, and it’s so perfect on my sore neck today, and look at this beautiful view out my window. I am one lucky duck.

While I would not choose to make that other-than-smart turn decision again in my future, I do have to say that yesterday was amazing on the slopes. The three runs I took were during a work break, and I felt like I was flying out there.

I don’t know how Jiminy is keeping it so nice on a very non-snowy year. So impressive.

And next time, I’m going to take CJ’s words to heart and not surprise my board. I don’t appreciate how it surprises me back.

7 responses to “Wise Words From my Son”

  1. Hope you heal up quickly after your “flying” lesson. 😉 I know you want to take advantage of any slope time you can fit in. I am sure after this warm, warm winter you are coveting any time on the slopes you can get.

    • You are so right there! We’ll be lucky if we get another two weeks, I think. Have to say that it’s been amazing the few times we have gone though. Definitely a gift of quality if not quantity.

  2. The one time I tried to ski, I spent most of the time on the seat of my pants, so I finally retired to the lounge for a warm fire and some drinks. When I tried waterskiing, I wound up with bruises all up and down my thighs. Haven’t tried snowboarding, but I have a feeling I’d be more talented at the hot tub part. LOL

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