Amazing Colleagues and Chocolate

This year I learned there is chocolate. And there is CHOCOLATE.

I discovered that when I had my surprise appendectomy this year.

Many of you know I work remotely (even pre-Covid-19). My teammates currently live in various parts of the NE USA, as well as in Brazil, Peru and different parts of NE Canada.

I’ve already been appreciative to the company that lets me work like this, so I can also help my family as I work (yes, I’m UN-ashamedly sneaking in an extra thankful item for the month–and note that the t-shirt says Be Nice. (not Beyonce as some might think)):

But this is focused on my team, which is called Jupiter.

I knew my team was texting my husband to see where I would be when I got home. This was tricky since I live between NY and Massachusetts. And I was supposed to be in NY at the time. But I decided to let myself heal and not travel so at the last minute we switched to Massachusetts.

At first, knowing they asked for an address, I thought they were sending flowers. That in itself made me feel really loved. My colleagues are not only friends, but just extremely amazing individuals. The thing is, I’m not really a flower person. Unless it’s dandelions. Or picking some flowers just naturally growing outside.

Somehow my team knew that.

Not only did they send me chocolate (one of my favorite things in the world), but they sent me dark chocolate. And local dark chocolate. So nuanced. They knew my favorite kind, and it made me want to cry happy tears. So much more than chocolate itself. They showed they cared about ME. Amazing. I felt so loved.

So we all know this chocolate was going to taste better than most because love was a key ingredient, but oh. my. goodness. I have never experienced chocolate like this.

Have you ever seen the like?

I kid you not. I have a whole new respect for the art of chocolate making.

And I am once again grateful beyond anything words can describe for the incredible company I work for, and even more importantly, for the team I work with. Talk about blessed beyond blessed. So thankful.

In November, the month where the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, I try to post each day — highlighting something I’m thankful for. This year I tried to do three from each month of the year so far.

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