First Tracks Impending

So yeah, I wish it was a snowboard, but the family works for Deer Valley, which only does skis. Anyway…I was super psyched and thankful to be part of the gift that will get our granddaughter on the hills.

Avalon seems to love the skis. She put them on with one foot in each then settled for putting two feet in one ski almost every time (a natural one-board-girl, I think ๐Ÿ˜‰ She also tried to sit on them and scooch around the floor as if it were a sled. So fun!

She really seemed to appreciate the Jiminy Peak sticker we put on the skis as well. Love it!

In November, the month where the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, I try to post each day — highlighting something I’m thankful for. This year I tried to do three from each month of the year so far.

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