Women’s Winter Escape

My blogger friends, do you find you often blog in your mind, but never quite get it to the keyboard state? I do that all the time, and I don’t regret it. It seems that putting my experiences into words, even in my own head, never to be shared, enhances the experiences life deals me. What a gift! And one I think I tend to take for granted.

My last few weeks have been filled with blissful things. The slopes have been incredible in the east, and my snowboarding is definitely improving. You can tell by my knees that I’m now falling more toe-side than tucchus. (I will spare you and not show pics of that).

I hear black and blue are the new sexy colors for fashion. Just kidding. The knees hurt a bit, but I’m proud of what they represent. Dedicated learning that will make time on the slopes more enjoyable in the long run.

In an effort to meet more locals (taking on a serious Covid challenge), I signed up for a six-week Women’s Winter Escape.

Such a cool thing that shows escaping winter is to embrace it.

In past years, the escape meant meeting other women for coffee then slope time then a 90-minute lesson with women who were at the same slope level as me then lunch and hot tub/pool time.

This year, there is no coffee, lunch or hot tub/pool time thanks to Covid, but we get gift certificates for drinks, and I’ve been able to meet some of the women before class for outdoor coffee time — socially distanced and with masks on. And I’ve been able to take a few runs with some of the women before and after class.

Here’s my first day of school ๐Ÿ™‚

The group class thing kind of backfired on me since of the 15-ish women in the Wednesday group, I am the ONLY snowboarder. That didn’t work so well for getting to know others, but it does give me the opportunity to have 90-minutes of private lessons from a really great instructor.

She doesn’t want her picture taken, and I respect that so I won’t share. But she is in college, and is the only female snowboard instructor. Her goal is to raise a new gen of women who embrace the hills on a single board ๐Ÿ™‚

My goal for the six weeks was to turn toe-side more comfortably. She did that in one lesson by noticing I didn’t bend my knees enough. She also encouraged me to do a “cowboy stance” (basically go bow-legged) when turning to my heels and drawing my knees together while going toe-side. I also practice “garlands” (exhausting!!!!) where I turn toe-side the try to steer a bit uphill then I slip down and back to get momentum to go further to the left and up a bit. Like Christmas tree garlands. Kind of like this, but on my toe-side:

Anyway, last time I was out, I found myself turning without even noticing it. I’m definitely getting more comfortable. It’s been brutally cold the past few days (negative temperatures with high winds). I’m not hard core. I happily looked out my window at the beauty.

But today a storm is coming in. We should be getting about a foot (or more) of fresh powder, and the temps are rising so I’m chomping at the bit to get back out and play.

I’m not physically writing as much, but in my head, I embrace the beauty of it all, and words scroll across my brain. When I’m on a lift looking at the stars, listening to Rachmaninoff and watching people celebrate snow below me. When I look at sugar-dusted treelines. When I feel the wind on my face and listen to friends calling out to each other. I write mentally. I focus. I dream. I think many of you can relate.

Life is good. Life is blessed.

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  1. I never thought about writing in my head as a way to focus. It works, even if you aren’t aware of it! I enjoyed this post — reading about your connecting with people (or not), and I didn’t even have to smile!

  2. I’m usually writing in my head at 3 a.m. LOL. I have started keeping a notebook on the nightstand next to the bed in case an idea pops up that actually seems to be worth saving.

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