A Perfect Match – Valentine’s 2021 with Mom

Mom playing Chess with me

We spent Valentine’s Day this year with Mom Pollock. Always a treat to see her. I know she’s an amazing mother-in-law, but what I didn’t realize is that she is the perfect match for me! In chess.

My most recent addiction has been learning to play the game. Yes, I confess, I am one of the masses suddenly flooding to to learn the game after watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, but it’s so fun I don’t mind being part of the trend.

Mom hasn’t played in decades so it was like she was re-learning as well. We both made some really stupid moves and some really great ones. Soon we were at a point where we each had three pieces left then realized they were even the same ones 🙂

It’s been very fun for us all.

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I enjoyed reading about your Valentine’s Day with Emma. That’s marvelous that you are on the same wavelength with chess. Good luck mastering that complicated game.

If you mentioned chess in my presence, all you’d see would be speed puffs, like in the comics. I learned the moves, but I do not have an analytical mind. I won’t even play checkers. That’s why I’m in awe of your wanting to learn to play.

What a nice Valentine’s! I haven’t played chess in years. I wasn’t ever very good at it but I certainly know how to play it. I thought Wizard’s Chess in the Harry Potter movies was awesome! Good luck and have fun! 🙂

Thanks! I love that Harry Potter scene too. I’ll have to watch it again now that I know a bit more about the game. Thanks for the reminder.

Yay for Wizard’s Chess! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, even after all these years. I’ve read all the books a dozen times or more and seen the movies much more than that. 🙂

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