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What is yours? I started a draft of a post for this topic almost a year ago then ditched it to focus on other things. Today I was showing someone how to create blog posts and shared my process. I’m curious to hear what other bloggers do. (If you don’t mind taking a few minutes to share in the comments, that would be so awesome.) Or even better, write your own post about your process and drop a link in my comments so other people see your blog, too ๐Ÿ™‚

Scenario: You’ve been on vacation and have lots of images and stories about your time away.

How do you write it up?

This is what I would do (while using a computer — I’m not focusing on the app at this time). * Bonus – You get to see what a great evening we had with a friend while celebrating the Fourth of July. Haha.

How I Create a Post

  • First, I would put all the images I want to use into a folder.
  • I’d name the images reflecting what each image is.
  • Next, I’d add a Gallery Block and upload the images — all in one shot.
  • When the images were done uploading, I’d switch the block type to Image Blocks so they were each separate.
  • For each image, I would add the alternative text so visually impaired people using screen readers can know what the images depict.
  • Using the arrows, I would put the images in the order of the story I want to write.
  • While I can use the + to add blocks, I personally like the Insert Before and Insert After options I get by clicking the three dots on the block toolbar. So I use that.
  • I add text and make things look prettier. I often play around with the block settings until I get a look I like.
  • Sometimes I hold my shift key while selecting a couple of blocks then change the block type again to group them or align them differently.
  • I play with sizing and formatting.

That’s it.

Here is a screencast of my process. Pretend you don’t see how badly I type after a ten-hour workday ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d really love to hear how you create. Please share.

12 responses to “Posting Process”

  1. Weird but I don’t think of my process much and I think that’s where some of my problems lie of not being an efficient and organized blogger. I think of the content that I’ve collected and what titles of posts I can come up with with all the content. I plan the post with headings then, fill it in with the body that I researched and pictures after I edited them. And I think that I’ve included most of it.

  2. I must look at your video a third and fourth time to see what I’d like to change in my routine. After a second viewing, I wrote out my process and posted it.

    The writing was easy, but I couldn’t make it look pretty like yours. The formatting of the word processor did not translate into the block editor. I couldn’t easily find how to make a bulleted list. I will always be impressed by your technical abilities.

      • I found something in WordPress to use bullets, but I couldn’t get it to look right. I’ll have to come back to your link here and see where to find this.

      • If only I had found the instructions in this link, I could have easily changed paragraphs into a bulleted list! I need a tutorial in how to find help. It shouldn’t be hard, but I couldn’t find what I needed. I’ve saved this link so that I can get back to it. Many thanks.

    • Ach, I look forward to hearing your reaction when you change. It’s a learning curve, but the new editor lets one be so much more creative. It’s so versatile! And getting better every day.

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