Natural Bridge State Park

Don’t you love when you find a hidden treasure right in your backyard? That’s how it felt when we enjoyed an afternoon with our friend, Jackie. She took us exploring and introduced us to Natural Bridge State Park.

Chris met Jackie last winter when they shared a lift together. She is an artist who makes beautiful pieces out of tea bags. I wish I had thought to take a picture of her work. Maybe I can in the future, with her permission.

Anyway, they talked art, then I met her, and she’s just one of those people one easily connects with. We ended up hitting the slopes together often for the remainder of the season. But winter isn’t enough. She’s the type of person you want to see all year round.

Our schedules lined up on that day so we could get together. She showed us her work space then took us for a walk in a local park that I had never heard of. She described it as a mini-Yosemite (I’ve never been to the big one, but I had an idea of what it was like from images.)

It. Was. So. Beautiful!

Water wended its way through marble cliffs. At one point we stood on a bridge and gazed at a waterfall, which I know Aunt Anne would appreciate. Actually, I texted her a pic while I was there, knowing she would love it. (She did).

What I love about places like this is that they makes the brain go wild. I was enamored by the history of the place, trying to figure out what machinery and what paths they used to mine minerals back when it was a quarry. I was intrigued by its age and path. The Hudson Brook carved through the rocks, creating visually-appealing curves.

My mind catapaulted through time to envision the the beauty seen daily by the Mohawk Indians that lived in the area. And my imagination ignited as I saw faces and stories in the arc of the facade.

I mean, really, does that face not beg for its story to be told?

Here are some more images from the beautiful park.

The entire afternoon was a gift. We wrapped it up with Indian cuisine and great conversation. If you are even in MA, I think this is a treasure worthy of some time. I know that day was a day I will forever cherish.

Here are some videos to enjoy if you want to see the beauty:

Good friends, beautiful scenery, gorgeous art and great food. A gift.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! If we travel that way in the future, I’ll be sure to add this park to our trip. Looks like it’s definitely worth the stop!

    • It’s the kind of place you can visit quickly or spend a day. We parked at the base and walked up. I think $20 for a short time is a little steep. That’s what they charge out-of-state people.

  2. Oh! I loved all the photos and the videos of Natural Bridge State Park. What a find! How far away from you is it? I really appreciated your sharing the waterfall with me when you were there.

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