Mushroom Magic

The weather this year is crazy. While they are having drought conditions in the western part of the US, here in the east it barely stops raining.

Last Friday Chris and I went for a walk up the mountain, using the mountain bike trails, and we were treated to amazing visuals. The wet earth drew out some phenomenal mushroom displays like magic. What a treat!

I am part of a Mycological Society Group on Facebook, and I promise I won’t be trying to eat any of these. But I do find them fascinating and beautiful!

9 responses to “Mushroom Magic”

  1. Beautiful s’rooms, as Brian calls them when he takes pictures of them on his mountain climbs. Would be fun to know which ones are edible!
    Love, Aunt Jan

    • I asked about one in the group since Google results showed it as edible, but I found some are super similar and poisonous. So I think I will just look with my eyes in general. Should would be nice to have the knowledge, though.

  2. Carrie and I just did a mushroom hunt on the campground Friday. We had fun trying to identify the various types with her mushroom identifier app. 🙂

    • Me neither. I kept looking for a little gnome. Seemed like just the place to find one.

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