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I’ve had bunch of more serious posts happening recently, but we’ve also had a bunch of fun — from a granddaughter being born to trips and even watching a scan of an Egyptian mummy. Plenty of fodder for upcoming posts 🙂 Here’s the first of a bunch of fun — in no particular order…this one highlights Chris’ and my foray into the world of judging cupcakes.

As Chris commented, this is gonna be great to add to our resumés 😀

Our friend Stephanie is an amazing cook. I don’t know how she does it, but not only does she rock the kitchen, but she also enjoys it! Enough to voluntarily apply to be part of a local community bake-off fundraiser.

Chris and I purchased a ticket to become judges. The proceeds go to Roots Rising. It’s a program with a mission is to empower youth and build community through food and farming. Once a judge signs up, they can invite up to three others to join in the tasting — one ballot per team.

The day before the event we received an email suggesting we show up with chairs (we opted out of that) and water since cupcake-tasting can make one thirsty. We decided we’d rather go in armed with coffee (no regrets there) and a bottle of water (came in handy at the end when we were coated in frosting from hair to toe).

I don’t know about you, but when I think cupcake, I think of short little cakes with a dollop of frosting. Maybe different flavor combinations. I was not ready for the visual masterpieces presented. Person #4 was a no-show, but just look at all the pieces of art we were to munch on! (If you click on each image, you should be able to see a larger image, which shows what flavor each is).

Each baker stood behind their cupcakes. One by one they were called forward so they could introduce themselves, tell us why they wanted to be part of the competition, and explain their baking process. I think Stephanie should have gotten an award for best dressed.

Stephanie’s personal fan club — ready to vote.

The cupcakes. Were. Amazing. Like wow. I’m not even a huge cake fan (more of a frosting person), but my mind and taste buds blew.

Judging is serious business.
So many smiles all around.

I have to say that although Stephanie didn’t win this time, there were definitely no losers. It was a very fun event, and the hour flew by. Chris and I aren’t very used to sugar. Our sugar high kept us quite jittery until many hours later. We were laughing.

Brilliant idea for a fundraiser. It’s easy to see how votes could get slanted by who knew the most people and had them sign up as judges. That said, I don’t know that anyone cared. It was a super fun time, and all the proceeds went to benefit a great cause. I have a new respect for cupcake bakers.

There is one more competition this year. If you happen to be around the Pittsfield, MA area October 8, I’d encourage you to sign up as a judge. It will definitely bring a smile to your face.

7 responses to “Judging Cupcakes”

  1. Fun stuff prevails. We also had some negative life events in the past few months. Up close to you, CT, for a Grandson’s wedding this past weekend. Smiles and Fun. Great your over the Covid miserableness. Congrats on the new little one. We are up to 6 Greats now. All the best to ye!

    • Sorry you had some rough months, too. Very happy to hear you had a fun wedding. Six greats! Wow! What a blessing that must be. All best to you as well. 🙂

  2. What a great idea! I like that the judges pay, and those cupcakes are amazing! Not what I am used to!

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