Our Fourth Grandchild

About four weeks before their second child was due, Zeb and Bri moved east. Wild things!

They settled in fast, and we all made plans for the impending birth. Bri was going to get an induction so we knew what dates we were working with (so helpful). Chris and I took work and headed to their place on Friday so we could watch Shiloh while the baby was born on Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day.

It was a great plan.
Until it didn’t work.

The hospital was full (no room in the inn, haha). So the induction got bumped. Not a problem. We enjoyed time together — relaxing and enjoying warm air after the winter melt-off. On Sunday, Mother’s Day dawned, and we found Bri still at home – making some delicious waffles as a treat for the other mothers in the house. So sweet of her and so yummy! Another bonus hangout day. A bit frustrating as we expected a call from the hospital at any minute, but the phone stayed silent. Still, very relaxing.

By Monday we were getting a bit more antsy. Trying to keep a positive mind-frame we reminded ourselves that the pregnancy was going so well and induction was not prioritized. And we decided to get our minds off it by going to the beach a bit. That was fun, but cell reception there is not great. So we didn’t stay long.

This pattern repeated. I think the hardest time might have been Wednesday evening when we got a call saying a bed opened, and unless something happened, we’d probably be getting a call in to the hospital within the hour.

That didn’t happen. They didn’t even call to say things had changed. Arg.

Sometime in the wee hours of Friday the 13th our May baby decided to take matters into her own little hands. Enough of this waiting around for induction stuff. She was on her way!

We received updates, learning that everything was going super smoothly at the hospital. Mom, Shiloh and I went shopping. It was during that outing that we discovered Zinnia Renee made her debut into the world.

Mom Pollock helped me keep Shiloh and Opie entertained while the parents were in hospital. Shiloh coped with his parents being away at the hospital like a champ.

Ophelia, the original “child” (their dog) was having some difficulty with the separation. That’s a lot for a pup. Moving to a new place then having parents disappear. But extra love from the Grandmas, and walks and quick pop-in visits from Zeb over the next few days helped her through.

(Ignore the wall — they were in a redecorating process there)

When they were released from the hospital, we were all wondering how Shiloh would react. Here’s a video of how he got to know her:

I’m thinking we can safely say he’s totally okay with having a new sister πŸ™‚

There’s nothing quite like having arms-full of grands.

I was researching the meaning behind her name. According to Uniguide.com its meaning includes acclaim, affection, friendship, everlasting love, remembrance, and tribute. I encourage you to read the entire page because the definitions are beautiful. I think my favorite, however, is this:

…the zinnia is emblematic of undying faith and the belief in something greater. It’s also a symbol of the demonstration of faith in your words and actions.


Zinni is now four months old, and she already brings so much joy. She sleeps well, has a beautiful grin and rolls like a champ. She’s already enjoying family adventures ranging from walks to sleeping in tents on the beach and helping cook a family breakfast.

Watching her grow is another wonderful gift in our world. Grandkids are so fabulously fun.

Welcome to the world, Zinnia. You are already greatly loved.

15 responses to “Our Fourth Grandchild”

    • Thank you! Zinni is now 4 months old so very similar. How fun to realize we have that age in common. Right at that introduction of baby cereal stage for us now πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! We didn’t learn her name until after she was born, but I love it, too. And it really suits her.

  1. Congrats on the birth of gorgeous Zinnia! May she always bring you joy. Shiloh too. You are all so blessed. πŸ’

    • Thank you so much. I am so thankful for them. You are right. We are blessed, indeed.

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