A New “Do”

No it’s not a rat’s nest. Although I think it kind of looks like one. This pile is residual art.

Since I keep moving around, I’ve had a number of hairdressers over the past decade. Each time I go, I tell the person to “Do what you want, just not too short. And I’m looking for body.” It seems they always do the same look. Which is fine. I was good with it.

This time I went to a new place that’s super close to where I live, and they actually did something different. After holding my hair all sorts of different ways and asking about my lifestyle (lots of video meetings) and how much effort I wanted to put into my hair (ummm, wash and go anyone? I don’t usually even blow it dry) the hair artist went to work.

After 50 years of being me, I learned that my hair grows forward. Didn’t know that. But it explains a lot. I also learned that my hair is super dry — even when I thought it was greasy. Contrary to anything I would think to do, I’m supposed to actually condition it and not thoroughly rinse. Go figure.

I also learned that a dramatic haircut is a great weight-loss plan. My scale the next day showed a pound lost. haha

If I’m remembering correctly this is the shortest my hair has been since 1999. After Hudi was born, half my hair went super frizzy while the other half didn’t so I cut it short make the frizz less obvious. Since then, I’ve just let it grow long.

I’m now adjusting to not always throwing my hair into a ponytail.

It will be interesting throwing a helmet on without having to braid my hair to avoid tangles next time I snowboard. I think that will be nice.

Here’s a before from August and after (November) wearing the same shirt and glasses:

The hairdresser was determined to make my look more fun. What do you think? Is fun achieved?

17 responses to “A New “Do””

    • Haha. Thanks, Rosie! Glad you like it. It feels so light. I’m kind of loving it, too.

  1. Love the new look!
    You have always been and will continue to be gorgeous no matter what, but this cut really showcases your face.

  2. Love the new look. For me, just the opposite has happened. I’ve had my hair very short for the past 25 years or so, but now I’m letting it grow long enough to braid and put in a ponytail. We all need a change now and then, I think!

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