A Pain in the Neck

I wrote about initial plans for sabbatical a bit ago. Those did not work thanks to Covid. Two weeks into Plan B, I’m learning that perhaps my lesson of the time off is to step back and not plan and let life happen. Every idea that flitted through my mind as a great thing to […]


The Beach Playground

We are fortunate here in northern NY. I hear other places such as Novia Scotia have closed their beaches, but our beaches remain open. They are more crowded than usual, but people are doing a great job of keeping the minimum 6-foot distance. We take turns going through narrow passages on bridges and to parking […]


Highlighted Blog #15 –

Sooooo, if you ever see me running, you had better start running, too. It means something is seriously amiss in life. That said, I do make an effort to keep fit in other ways. For me, it’s walks on the beach (no–not a dating site commercial. I’m happily married. Just reality.) But Erica inspires me. […]