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What is yours? I started a draft of a post for this topic almost a year ago then ditched it to focus on other things. Today I was showing someone how to create blog posts and shared my process. I’m curious to hear what other bloggers do. (If you don’t mind taking a few minutes […]


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Beautiful, beautiful images on via Montana Fields — Sam Hotchkiss

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Highlighted Blog #21 – That Little Voice

I just love Radar. Pictures of that adorable dog and other animals draw me to this blog. The author is great with a camera and writes in response to various challenges. So interesting! My contributions to Photo Challenge prompt ‘Ruling the Roost’ shows my new doglet Radar viewing his domain (he could be auditioning for […]

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Grabbing HTML for an Image and Link for a Text Widget

In my job as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic, I often get asked how to add an image with a link into a widget area. This can be daunting if someone doesn’t know HTML. But that doesn’t have to deter you. There is a sneaky way to get that code, even without HTML knowledge. This […]