Papa Doug

In a world where families are constantly ripped apart, I was blessed with three, yes three, amazing grandfathers. Leon and John were blood grandfathers who died several decades ago. And Doug, the third one, and technically a step-grandfather,  died this week. I learned about it on Facebook when my cousin Audrey wrote: Papa told the […]

Books Friends

Nothin’ Like a Good Book

You know those books that haunt you for days, weeks, months, even years after you read them? I finished one of those a few weeks ago. A recommendation from my friend Kelley. The problem is that I would really love to talk with a group about it and get a discussion going, but nobody in my local […]

Family Friends

Caring for Others, as we all Should

The kids in my world are very inspirational. I was reminded of this as we packed up three vans and drove a group of teens to the west side of Buffalo where they joined other kids for a week of helping others. It was a church project, and it’s something that has happened annually for […]