WPCoffeeTalk Interview

What’s in your cup? My friend Michelle loves to grab a mug and chat with members of the WordPress community. Last summer she asked me to join her. I don’t really like being put on the spot like this, but she’s a good friend so I agreed. She has a real talent for taking situations […]

Podcasts Technology

Find a Church Service on The Web

There are so many reasons one might want to use technology for church or other type of religious service. (I’m going to use churches in this article because it’s what I’m most familiar with as a Christian). You might be ill, the roads might be dangerous, you might be traveling, or you might have a […]

Household Management

How to Record a Call on Skype

How do you record a call that occurs over the Internet? As an interviewer, this was an important question for me. Through the years, I have done well using my Olympus digital recorder with regular telephone calls thanks to a really cool earphone/microphone piece, but recording a Skype call with it wasn’t quite as effective. […]

Technology Teens

A Podcast to Inspire Family Tech Chat

If you’ve got teens or tweens who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of technology, check out the podcast 350 Third. Hear an analysis of new products on the market and get a glimpse at trends coming to the forefront from technology geniuses Scott Barstow who runs Rocket Hangar and Anders Brownworth, head of research and development at Are […]