Rise of Empires: Ottoman

History is so fascinating. I love comparing life today to life in the past. What have we learned? What errors are we repeating? My Uncle John got me hooked on history through tales he wove somewhere around fifth grade for me. I will be the first to admit I’m not one to dig through dry […]

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A Perfect Summer Day

Today surrounding areas celebrated summer by holding town-wide yard sales. This coincided beautifully with a day off of work. We strolled around, iced coffee in hand, and wended our way through generations of people enjoying the beautiful weather and discounted goods. While we only came away with one pair of shorts (for a quarter), I found that […]

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Sometimes It's Okay to Just Have Fun

One of our most enjoyable family pastimes is sharing our favorite YouTube clips with each other. Whether it promotes discussion or just a good laugh, the clips always add to family dinner conversation. Here are some of the clips our kids shared with us this week. Just Have Fun With Funky Music Hudi (12) really […]

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Save Money on Music Lessons

Last week, our son became a pianist thanks to the Internet (the video of him playing is at the end of this article). We didn’t have to pay for lessons, and we didn’t have to nag him about practicing. All we did was offer him an Internet connection, and he did the rest on his […]