A Winter Walk From Dec 21

Who would have imagined this was Winter Solstice Day? It felt like spring. As we walked the dog, we saw a dandelion and a very aggressive little snake ๐Ÿ™‚

It was so cute lunging at our toes as if it were a giant.

An aggressive little snake

Could you see it? Here’s a more defined image:

An aggressive little snake

Star loved her romp in the woods and water.

Star running in the woods

She was pretty exhausted after it all, though.

Star is very tired.
Star is very tired.
A dandelion in December
A dandelion in December

I took pictures of the snow markers next to the dandelions so you can see that it truly is winter.

Dandelion is close to the camera.

A beautiful day in December.

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    • I don’t mind garden snakes, but bigger than that are something I’d rather see from a distance.

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