Fancy Flowers

Enjoying beautiful flowers by the ski slope

I don’t garden at all. But I do love walking around and seeing flowers. Often I head out after work for fresh air, a view of the mountain and a leg stretch. The mountain was hiding in a fog, but the base was clear. This is what I viewed along the path…

Flowers by the walkway

Even the children’s play area had bursts of blossoms (would love to be here with my grandkids someday).

Flowers in the playground

See what I mean about the fog? The first pic is the view from that walk. The second was the same view in winter. (Well, almost the same view. The building you see on the right in the winter pic is the same lift.)

The flowers looked so beautiful, I had to stop and take a sniff.

I might have gotten away with it, but the flowers left their mark.

Yellow mustache left by the flowers I smelled.

All photo credits go to Christopher Pollock.

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  1. Lol, a yellow kiss! The flowers are gorgeous! I love seeing our neighbourhood flowers too, and put pics of them on Instagram. Our warm season isn’t very long, so… we gotta luxuriate in it!

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