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2015 Keshequa Prom at Swain

My son attends a virtual high school so he’s not part of the general high school flow. But he just got a chance to go to a prom anyway. Thanks Christina! Not only did he get to go, but he got to attend with a truly wonderful young woman who is a fabulous ski instructor. […]

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A Testimonial to a Tree

We almost chopped it down the year we bought our house. That was 20+years and un-countable pies and cans of applesauce ago. We had this large tree right smack where our driveway ought to be, and it didn’t even bear fruit. Or so we thought. An elderly couple stopped by and asked if they could […]

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Family, Friends and Food — My Life :)

Visiting relatives and glorious sunshine. Definitely a time to remember.  

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Introducing Henry

Once upon a very real time back in late January/early February, a glimpse of warmth appeared in our home. Outside winds blew, prolonging the brutal dip of our temps. But inside, a flurry of tiny little wings reminded us of warmth. It was sweet and endearing for about twenty seconds before thoughts of disintegrating clothes […]

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A Favorite Meal

I’m altering the rules on this Writing 101 assignment. First of all, it’s the assignment from several days ago. Yes, I fell behind. I’m okay with that and hope you are, too. Anyway… Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or […]

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First Local Meetup for the Southern Tier

It’s officially a “thing.” 🙂 Tonight was our very first NY Southern Tier WordPress Users/Bloggers Meetup…and IMHO, it was really fun. Chris (my husband) and I were the meetup organizers and thought maybe one person might show up. While making blogs and websites is totally cool and awesome, we know people are super busy.  But […]