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The other day I read a post on companies’ policies on time off, and they highlighted Automattic (the company I work for — ). It said:

At Automattic, time off is unlimited. To be sure vacation days get used, we recommend that folks take at least a minimum of 25 days off every year … and encourage them to take more. In addition, we encourage folks to take a three-month Sabbatical every five years.


You know what? They mean it, but they actually downplayed how amazing they are.

(Even though this is not what the post is about, I have to note here that we are hiring.)

I already had my sabbatical last year. And had already taken off time to see my kids earlier this year. Then more time off for the wedding a month later. Then we found out about the issue with our grandgirl.

I talked with my team lead and HR, and they cleared out four weeks minimum for me to go help my family (I was to check in after three weeks to let them know if I needed more time). They also told me to take the time I needed even before birth to keep my head clear and to be there for calls with the kids if necessary.

Wow. My mind is still a bit blown.

It looks like things are under control in Utah, and they won’t need my help now so I don’t plan on taking the time at this point. But it’s amazing to know it was offered.

All you readers who use WordPress.com — just letting you know you are writing on a platform that truly cares about people.

Some things just have to be shared.

4 responses to “WordPress.com Truly Cares”

  1. I’m glad you shared good background news about WordPress. I am always amazed at how helpful and kind your employees are. It starts from the top!

    • I do think it makes us work better knowing we are not being abused. Still amazes me, though.

  2. That is phenomenal, Chrissie! And I also know from Kathryn how great they are. You’re both lucky to work for them – and you’ve earned it!

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