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2020 Starts With Change

While I’ve been mostly silent on the blog for a few weeks, my life has been anything but quiet. During this time, I’m reminded that I am a small piece in the part of a very large play in life, and everything happens for a purpose. To be honest, this might be a very boring […]



Reoccurring dreams to be specific. Do you have them? If so, please share in the blog comments. I have a dream that has trailed me through life, and I absolutely love it. But I can’t make it happen. It comes when it wants. My dream always involves stormy seas. Waves. Major waves. Sometimes I body […]

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Nobody Warned me About the Forties

And I kind of wish someone had. It’s a horrible decade. It’s a beautiful decade. And I think I can summarize that in my day today. It’s kind of a step-by-step thing so if that kind of writing bores you, x out now 🙂 The featured image? The only relation to today was that it […]